How to Grow PINK REDBUD Eastern flower tree from Seeds

Things You'll Need That We Usually Get from Amazon

Planter pots, 5 to 6-inch or larger

Peat moss

Organic compost

Put the seeds in a container of warm water so that they are covered. Soak them overnight or for about 12 hours. This will help make sure they are well hydrated.

Poke some holes in the bottoms of the plastic cups. Fill them regular potting soil. Poke a 1-inch hole into the dirt and bury the seeds, one per cup.

Dig holes in your yard as large as the plastic cups. Place the cups in the holes and tamp the dirt around them to hold them in place.

This is the simplest way for them to go through the cold time they need to germinate. Let the seeds go through the winter and spring.

You should see a sprout show up in the early spring. Pull the cup up and plant your new redbud seedling wherever you like A redbud tree is a versatile plant just needing sun and well-drained soil.

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Starting plants from seeds is so easy and very rewarding. 
Itís a terrific way to get kids involved in gardening, too.

Itís also a great way to save money!​

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