How to Grow Acacias from Seeds

Growing Acacias from seeds is the easiest and quickest method of producing plants.

Preparing Acacia Seeds The seed coat of the acacia is hard; if you just throw it in the ground, germination could take many months or not occur at all. First, test your seeds to see which ones are the best. Place in a pot of cold water. Keep the sinkers; throw out the floaters. (we have done this for you)

Two common ways of softening the seed coat and speeding up germination is by piercing or scraping the seed coat by hand and/or soaking in near boiling water for 24 hours.

If doing both, nick the seed coat first, then soak. If you are working with a large number of seeds, rub handfuls of them together between two pieces of sandpaper. If you have fewer numbers, use a needle or file to scrape or pierce the seed coat away from the seed stalk.

Be sure not to damage the soft part of the seed coat. After soaking, the seeds should swell to about twice the original size. Germinating Acacia Seeds. Sow seeds about 1/4 inch apart in a seed tray.

Using a prepared seed mix may be helpful. Or you can make your own, mixing 3 parts river sand and 1 part peat moss, pine bark or vermiculite. Cover the seeds lightly with soil (about the depth of a seed), lightly press down the soil and water. Place above ground level in a warm, humid, partly-shaded area.

Using a propagator is helpful, but not necessary. Germination should occur between several days to a month. Keep the soil moist but not wet. Misting frequently will help keep you from overwatering.

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Starting plants from seeds is so easy and very rewarding. 
Itís a terrific way to get kids involved in gardening, too.

Itís also a great way to save money!​





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